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Day Dreaming

Wrote this on the bus Yesterday morning with my phone so it not prefect but I enjoy it. 

Waking up. Daylight. What are my goals? Where are my ambitious? When will I get there? All question asked at daybreak. Asked when the sun reaches my face and the warmth of that light cuase me to wake. Wake from the sleep that brings me such wonder of dreams. In these dreams I am not just a man but an individual. A person not crippled by greed, money or selfish personal gain. I, Individual is nothing more but my dreams. Dreams that casting vivid graspable facade. A Facade the cripple being to the bone. Where I can no longer stand. But I must stand on my own two feet. My feet must be strong on this road that causes us crumble at times. But with time we will find the road with fewer bumps and skips. For now we have are dreams at time till we wake from the daylight touching our face.  

Old one of Mine (2008)

Is This What He Really Sees

Never seeing, only doubting
tears are running his soul is shouting
never know what is for sure
only know she is the cure
at  the moment she scream,”oh dear, oh dear”
 when she sees his soul shattered like a mirror
only she can be the fix  this mess
if she just yes, oh yes
does she feel the same
or is he lost and gone insane
we all know this is never smart
to have someone steal your heart.
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